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***Due to large changes in game logic, the tutorial is currently non-functional. Please do not attempt to run the tutorial at this moment. I don't know what would happen, but it would probably not be good.***

Galactic Conquest is currently in active development, and all aspects are likely to change

Galactic Conquest is a game designed for research on music and emotion during action gameplay. Galactic Conquest takes 5-10 minutes to fully play through, and has streamlined action combat mechanics. Play as the captain of a small squad of space ships, fighting wave after wave of enemy combatants for galactic supremacy

You have four abilities in Galactic Conquest, activated by pressing or holding a hotkey

Q - Fusion Cannon: Press to fire a burst of energy from your Artillery ship, dealing heavy damage. If the enemy is repairing itself (yellow warning), chain to turrets

W - Reactive Shield: Hold to raise a shield. If you absorb an enemy special attack (red), disable and deal light damage to all enemies. You have a limited amount of shield power, which recharges over time. If you exhaust your shield power, it will be unavailable until recharged, and recharge at a reduced rate

E - Repair: Press to repair a percentage of missing health to all of your ships. Note - because this repairs % of missing health, it is stronger at lower HP

R - Quantum Reactor: Press to immediately re-spawn any missing ships, and apply a large buff. Increases all damage dealt, heal for a percentage of damage dealt, and recharge abilities faster. Has a long cooldown


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